Electronic Music vs. Live Instrumentation

Nowadays many youth becoming fond of music and this modern music has been influenced by electronic music. So the question is this; Is Electronic Music Good or Bad for us?

Electronic Music vs. Live Instrumentation

Is Electronic Music Good or Bad for us?

Modern songs today have been influenced by electronic music like songs of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber or Rihanna for example. They can immediately make you hypocrite because of their music and how they sound. We upbeat during the happy moments and very dim and dark during the sad moments, without electronic music you would not get that feeling of happiness or that feeling of sadness. Electronic music brings these emotions out. Electronic music helps us to show what we feel, our mood or emotion. It has a big impact in terms of how we act, we live, what we do in our everyday tasks and in the form of entertainment.
Electronic music does give a big help to our modern music industry but what will happen to our live band musicians if we’re going to focus in making music through electronic music?
Before electronic music exists, playing instruments live is the only way to perform and present music. For musicians, to never ever use live musicians, or worse scenario, have musicians on stage who aren’t actually playing their instruments is a big “no-no” and utter crime. Personally as a musician part of me afraid to the idea that what if there will be no market for traditional or live band music? What if people stopped loving, listening and playing musical instruments and focus on creating music by the use of computer? In my own notion, it is better if we use electronic music if it’s really needed, when necessary but not as often as we do now because we are faking the live sound of the band.
I am not in the right position to say whether electronic music is neither good nor bad, actually nobody is it the right position that one is better than the other one. We all have our own perception my only point here is that let’s try to balance everything. Innovation is good, being creative is good but let’s not forget the traditional.

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